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Must-see Art Exhibition in Bangkok

Aug 14, 2019

Must-see Art Exhibition in Bangkok

Aug 14, 2019

Looking through the eyes and colors
By Ekarat Aroonrat and Panjarat Polpluek

The exhibition exposes the story of the truth of life and human society. Ekarat Aroonrat interprets work created by many talented artists through direct experiences that directly affect the mind of the artist. Be analyzed and interpreted through interesting presentation aspects, according to the artist's charm and meet with another interesting artist, Punjarat Polpluek. Her works use distinctive colors and special techniques that are difficult to control. Paintings from solids colors are made by squeezing many drops onto the canvas in almost countless shades.

"Ekarat Aroonrat"

Artists who have faith and determination aim to create experiences and create art for a long time. His work is unique. Even though his work consists of cute images and bright colors, they reflect the most profound content of human life as well.

“Panjarat Polpluek”
A talented artist who shows beauty through drops of colour. She believes that beauty can be observed in

many ways. She therefore creates techniques and shapes that are distorted from familiar experiences, so the colors that run through the original image have new aesthetic properties. She uses difficult techniques to reduce the truth of perception and amaze her audience.

Venue : Sky Lobby, 23rd floor, Centara Grand at Central world
Date 6th August – 6th November 2019 / 10 AM. – 8 PM.


The Colors of Moms 'LIVES"  

By Paintfa Chanchutiwanit


When a 13-year-old female artist hears the stories of different people in society, about her own mother and other mothers, she comes to see the different colors of moms' lives. Each person, regardless of race, position, or wealth, has imperfections in their life. Everyone is somehow involved, and tries to fulfill lifes' goals to make our society more pleasant to live in.

Venue : River City

Date : 1st August 1- 31st August

The Relations

An integration of 12 major artists who have created extraordinary work, in which each person has demonstrated their talents with charm and a unique identity that is ready for everyone to explore.

Sudrak Khongpuang
Gumsak Atipiboonsin
Tetat Tanachoktaweporn
Nukoon Panyadee
Paramat Lueng-on
Phantouch Wongpakdee
Matthew Thomas
Yuttana Phongphasuk
Rungphan Burootchati
Salahwarin Jaijuntuck
Alongkorn Lauwatthana
Opas Chotiphantawanon

“The Relations” exhibition will open to visitors from 6th August – 28th September 2019 at Joyman Gallery, an area of art lovers in Rattanakosin Island. 


Thailand and Japan ART BRUT: Figure of Unknown Beauty

Curators: Seina Kimoto

Suebsang Sangwachirapiban

The term “Art Brut” isn’t a new paradigm of art pedagogy, regardless of the fact that some audiences have never experienced a sincere invention of aesthetics created by artists outside of art school. First popularized in 1945 by Jean Dubuffet, Art Brut serves as a particular

genre of creativity, exposing hidden dialogue and demonstration of arts in a naïve, raw, free and unexplainable, anarchic form. One characteristic of Art Brut is that the works are done by a person or a group of socially and culturally isolated people, such as people

with disabilities, prisoners, non-art training artists, or senior citizens. These ‘outsider’ artists employ creativity and express it for personal purposes. They “do not consider themselves to be artists and they do not designate their production as art”, Dubuffet attested. Instead, self-centeredness and intuitiveness are key resources to elucidate the means and ends of Art Brut.

“Thailand and Japan Art Brut: Figure of Unknown Beauty” initiative is a collaborative project between Japan and Thailand, who together aim to turn a spotlight on the rarely showcased Japanese and Thai Art Brut movements. The exhibition is divided into 5 categories:

1. Repetition, Dense and Homogeneous

2. Raw Materials and Creation in everyday life

3. Desire, the source, what makes them create

4. Art, which is born of a relationship

5. For further creation. In this exhibition, various media, such as painting, drawing, ceramic, mixed media art and video, are curated to fully present both nations’ Art Brut aspects and dimensions.

Venue :Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)

Date : 19th July- 3rd November



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