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Benjarong and Thien Dong: Two gastronomic legends at Baan Dusit Thani

Nov 05, 2019

Benjarong and Thien Dong: Two gastronomic legends at Baan Dusit Thani

Nov 05, 2019

Although the beloved Dusit Thani Hotel closed four years ago to make way for Dusit Central Park, there is good news for those who enjoy the Dusit gastronomic experience in the ambience of a five-star hotel. Baan Dusit Thani on Sala Daeng Road is the new home of Dusit’s renowned restaurants and awaits your visit to enjoy the various scrumptious dishes from Benjarong, long known for its superb Thai cuisine, and Thien Dong, the age-old Dusit Thani Hotel’s Vietnamese Restaurant in a more contemporary atmosphere.

Benjarong is situated in a large, white, restored 1940s house; the refurbished house features modern décor and is surrounded by a leafy Western-style garden.

Benjarong has ‘Heritage Reimagined’ as its concept, reflecting the restaurant’s long history and memorable events. The design is elegant and delicate, with Thai elements in the decoration such as Benjarong porcelain, Thai-style paintings, orchids and Thai patterns on a large column, which is the restaurant’s symbol. All this results in a luxuriant, warm and friendly ambience, just like the one for which the original Benjarong restaurant in the  Dusit Thani Hotel was famous. Service is as excellent as in the hotel and private rooms are also available.

For beef lovers, the green curry is recommended. The beef is poached for 72 hours before being adding to the curry. The resulting creamy curry, with melt-in-the-mouth beef, is awesome.

Other fantastic dishes are yum pla dook foo – crispy, flossy catfish that comes with tomyum dressing and spicy crab meat salad, sweet and sour crispy-fried spare ribs, and river prawn served with tamarind sauce.

Keep some space for the fusion Thai dessert: kalamae cake and caramel ice cream – cake filled with kalamae served with caramel ice cream and topped with crispy-fried ladies’ fingers bananas from Phetchaburi Province.

The other restaurant from Dusit Thani Hotel at Bann Dusit Thani is the Vietnamese restaurant Thien Dong, which features a modern design with a colorful, lively décor. It also has a bar area with an ‘Electric Cross Culture’ concept, a mix of Vietnamese antique and French period furniture. Thien Dong has an ambience of French colonial Vietnam and is more modern than the original restaurant.

The dishes are prepared by the same chef and include the all-time favourites, such as khanom bueng yuan – crispy pancake with prawn filling, naam nueng – grilled pork dumplings and pak moh yuan -Vietnamese-style steamed ravioli with minced pork and shrimp filling and kuay chab yuan.

For dessert, banana fritters served with vanilla ice cream and a choice of healthy smoothie complement the meal perfectly. If you prefer something stronger, the bar offers cocktails and other drinks.    

Benjarong and Thien Dong Restaurants

Open: every day, 11.30am to 2.30pm, and 6pm to 11pm

Baan Dusit Thani also houses Dusit Gourmet, which offers food, drinks and bakery items, and is open from 7am to 11pm)

Baan Dusit Thani, Sala Daeng Rd, Bangrak, Bangkok

A five-minute walk from BTS, Sala Daeng Station or MRT, Silom Station

For more information tel. 66 (0) 2200 9009


Icons made by Gregor Cresnar from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY