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R-Haan: Two Michelin Stars Thai restaurant

A Symphony of Tastes 

Photographs: Rakchat Sodaban
Jan 31, 2020

R-Haan: Two Michelin Stars Thai restaurant

A Symphony of Tastes 
Photographs: Rakchat Sodaban
Jan 31, 2020

A Symphony of Tastes 

“Thai cuisine is like a symphony orchestra due to a variety of characteristics; appearance, aroma, sound, texture, and a sophisticated mix of flavours such as sour, sweet, nutty, salty, bitter and pucker. Today we can say that Thai cuisine is on the top of the list of the world’s famous cuisines.”

    How Chef Chumpon Jangprai refers to Thai cuisine in the above paragraph says a lot about the love and pride of his creations that have earned his restaurant, R-Haan, Michelin stars for two consecutive years.

    Launched on February 12, 2018, R-Haan restaurant is the fruit of a co-operation between Boon Rawd Brewery CEO, Piti Bhirombhakdi and Chef Chumpon Jangprai. The pair wanted to create a fine-dining Thai restaurant to make a name for Thai cuisine. Chef Chumpon revealed that he aimed at making R-Haan restaurant one of the World’s best restaurants and in the same year R-Haan restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star.

    R-Haan continues to gain recognition and this year became the first Thai restaurant to boast 2 Michelin stars.

    Chef Chumpon chose the word “R-Haan” (meaning “food” in Thai) because it expresses the sense of being full. “R-Haan is what we think of when we want to eat something, so it is an appropriate word to convey the feeling since we all need food. It is one of the four requirements of people all over the world.”

    His extensive cooking experience goes all the way back to when he was a boy cooking numerous kinds of food ranging from native dishes and royal cuisine to modern food, street food and innovative dishes. This wide culinary background is the source of Chef Chumpon’s inspiration for the concept ‘Wisdom of Thai Cuisine’ which places great importance on fresh, premium ingredients. Chef Chumpon travels all over Thailand in search of ingredients. These personally selected ingredients, coupled with Chef Chumpon’s extensive experience, have resulted in many superb dishes on R-Haan’s menu, which is changes with the three seasons of Thailand’s climate. The current menu is for winter.

    “The menu is prepared for the season; Thais have the wisdom of eating food that is in season. The change of season follows the practice of the royal ceremony for changing seasonal attire for the sacred Emerald Buddha image. The availability of the ingredients in each season, or at harvesting time, is also taken into consideration to ensure that the restaurant acquires the best-quality ingredients for a particular period.” 

Winter Menu

Starting with amuse-bouche prepared from ingredients that are at their best in this season.

Khao Mai Pla Mun

Steamed rice used in this dish is newly harvested. It is stuffed with Thai mackerel from Mae Klong (it tastes the best in winter) and mixed Thai herbs and topped with caviar from the Royal Project in Chiang Mai.

Organic Chanthaburi Tiger Prawn with Thai Herbs and Tanee Banana Blossoms

Fresh tiger prawn from the eastern-coast province of Chanthaburi is served with many Thai herbs and Tanee banana blossom and accompanied with Chef Chumpon’s special creation of Sriracha sauce. Tanee banana blossom is known to aid digestion and enhance stomach function. Chef Chumpon decorates the dish with number “11”, his age when he first cooked the dish for a customer.

Trio of Siam Journey

This set of appetizers represents the delicious flavours of three regions in Thailand, consisting of charcoal grilled royal project Thai pheasant with Sichuan peppercorn, catfish rolled with young neem blossoms and sweet fish sauce and deep-fried spicy, aromatic Buriram Angus beef salad with ground toasted rice.

Organic duck egg-yolk confit with herbal fish sauce, served with aromatic sauce and riceberry sponge cake is an interesting variation of traditional khai palo and also satisfying.

Main courses are served at the same time in traditional Thai style, to be savoured with newly harvested jasmine rice cooked in a traditional terracotta pot.

The dishes in this winter set are king river prawn tomyum, black chicken consommé with black galangale and golden longan, hung lay curry with Kurobuta pork leg (a northern-region dish), southern Thai spicy yellow curry with blue crab meat and young noni sprigs, spicy kaffir lime chili dip served with crispy pork belly, Thai anchovies with fresh Thai herbs and shrimp in coconut stew, served with deep-fried shrimp paste and deep-fried seabass with Chanthaburi young green peppercorns. 

Modern appliances such as a coffee syphon are used in preparing R-Haan’s soupy dishes to extract the flavours and aromas from the fresh herbs to make rich and full-flavoured soups.

For desserts, R-Haan offers Chiang Mai cocoa choco served with vanilla ice-cream and Thai mango with sticky rice. The mangoes used are of premium export grade - sweet and firm. 

For a more traditional Thai sweet try the Thai version of petit four; saneh chan hom, crispy Bael fruit jelly, sun-dried rice with wild honey and glazed Thai strawberries from a Royal project.

Price per person is 2,912 ++ baht and is subject to 10% service charge and VAT


131 Soi Pai Di Ma Di Klang, Khlong Tan Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

The restaurant can be reached either through Sukhumwit Soi 53 or  Soi 55 (Soi Thong Lor)

Open:  Every day, 6pm – 11pm

Tel. + 66 (0) 2 059 0433 – 34, + 66 (0) 95 141 5524 (between noon and 9pm)

email: reservation@r-haan.com  



Icons made by Gregor Cresnar from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY