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Cool art exhibitions you shouldn’t miss!

What’s on in Bangkok

Jul 19, 2019

Cool art exhibitions you shouldn’t miss!

What’s on in Bangkok
Jul 19, 2019

The Essence of Change

Solo Exhibition by Chaninart Chavanasilp

The inspiration for this exhibition comes from the artist’s own ideas. “We all want to cherish precious memories forever and nobody wants to lose them. But reality works against this desire; objects, human beings and nature itself come and go. Nothing lasts forever. Thus, it is best to accept this fact and cherish our memories while we can. In the end, everything fades away. I try to capture the changing nature of our memories, as they are with us and as they fade away. This unclear state is like a metaphor for life.

  • 4-28 July 2019
  • People’s Gallery Room 2nd Floor artHUB@bacc Bankgkok Art and Culture Centre


It’s Okay to Take a Break

This is the first solo exhibition by Naruemon Yimchavee, also known as Banana Blah Blah. Using fun and colourful digital printing techniques, this illustrator encourages her audience to live life in the present and take time for themselves. Naruemon believes that everyone works so hard to achieve their goals, focussing on important things like money, work, family, friends and dreams. The artist believes, however, that the most important thing is not to forget to take a break. She adds that taking a break allows more time to think and reflect, to worry less and be inspired by new ideas.


  •  The exhibition runs from 13th July until 8th September 2019 at The Gallery on the 36th floor of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G.


Evil of Gender
Exhibition by SAKUYA AOYAKI

Evil of Gender is an exhibition by a Thailand-born illustrator living in Berlin, which aims to express the power of all gender identities as equal.

Even though the modern world’s latest technologies and new inventions make our lives easier and more advanced, there remain many people who still seem to be stuck with old traditions and attitudes. Maybe the most glaring example of this pertains to gender identity. Some people still can’t accept the variety of genders in today’s society. Members of minority gender groups are often insulted, verbally abused or even physically assaulted. This art project expresses how the power of each gender can be equal to others.
· 6 July - 4 August 2019 , Mon-Fri: 4-10pm , Sat-Sun: 1-10pm (Wed closed)

PANTA: Solo Exhibition by Itsnotbua

The exhibition “PANTA” (meaning “to pass in front of one’s eyes”) by @itsnotbua comprises artworks inspired by regular, everyday things. The artist emphasizes how ordinary events can shape a person. This exhibition’s illustrations are of how things appear to her own eyes and imagination.

· The exhibition runs from 6 to 31 July at 10ml. Cafe Gallery.



Icons made by Gregor Cresnar from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY