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Tuk Tuk Bangkok watch concept

Aug 09, 2019

Tuk Tuk Bangkok watch concept

Aug 09, 2019

With the realization of the value in the uniqueness of Thai culture, Tuk Tuk Bangkok Watch has been produced to tell stories of the Thai livelihood and traditions through the watch’s designs for international consumers. 

The name and symbol of “Tuk Tuk” derives from how “Tuk Tuk” is the guide to take people around town to experience the livelihood, the culture and the archaeological sites of Thailand. The cartoon drawing on each of the watch’s dial is able to create smiles to those who wear it without having to go anywhere far as it’s on your wrist.

The designs are in 5 categories: Thai traditions and cultures, Thai food, Thai fruits, Thai flowers, and Thai desserts. There are 50 different designs to choose from in which 6 designs are chosen specifically to represent Thainess,

  1. The design of a kid with pigtails driving the Tuk Tuk for the Ravana around Bangkok with the Grand Palace in the background combines Thailand’s past and present together in one picture. The Ravana represents the Thai ancient literature while the kid with the pigtails represents the trend of Thai people in the old days. The Tuk Tuk is a timeless favorite mode transportation of tourists and locals alike. 
  2. The design of a monkey in the boat selling fruits represents the lifestyle of the Thai people in the old days where the main mode of transportation in via boats. The fruits that the monkey is selling also represents the abundance of resources in Thailand with the Kind and Queen of fruits like the durian and the mangosteen. 

  3. The design of the Ravana represents Thai culture as it appears in the Khon dance show and sculptures in the archaeological sites. 
  4. The designs of Thailand’s traditions such as the Buffalo Racing in Chon Buri province that happens once a year, the “Phi Ta Khon” festival of the Northeastern part of Thailand that portrays the livelihood and beliefs of the locals through masks, or the traditional puppet show of the Southern part of Thailand “Nung Ta Loong” all represent that Thailand is rich in culture in every part of the country waiting to be explored. 

The designs aren’t the only factor that represent Thainess but the brand also integrates the name of Thai flowers and Thai fruits through the 18 different colors of the straps. For example, “Ok-Rong” represents yellow as it is the same color as the yellow mango or the purple is the same shade as the mangosteen. The body of the watch is stainless steel that comes with the details of the Tuk Tuk symbol in the stem winder and the second hand.


A watch isn’t for only telling the time, but it is also an accessory that represents the personality of the wearer. You can bring the Thainess everywhere with Tuk Tuk Bangkok Watch as it is Thailand at your own wrist.

More Information: www.tuktukbangkokwatch.com


Icons made by Gregor Cresnar from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY