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Paradise found

Aug 10, 2019

Paradise found

Aug 10, 2019

Dreamy small islands, mini paradises in Thailand

There are nearly a thousand islands in the seas around Thailand.  In addition to Phuket, Chang and Phi Phi Islands, which are well-known among tourists for their beauty, there are other small islands in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea that we think are special little paradises worth getting to know. 


Ko Nang Yuan: Surat Thani Province

Ko Tao is a paradise for divers but tourists are also drawn by the beauties above water to be found here. One such is Ko Nang Yuan, a tiny island connected to Ko Tao and another tiny island by sandbars. The sandbars create three small bays at low tide. Ko Nang Yuan is often filled with tourists who take boats to visit it from Ko Tao and Ko Samui. If you’d like to stay overnight, there is only one resort on the island, which is fortunate because the quiet makes for the most beautiful and romantic atmosphere on this paradise island in the Gulf of Thailand – a wonderful memory that is yours forever.

  • Ko Nang Yuan is in ​​Ko Phangan District, in Surat Thani  Province www.nangyuan.com


Ko Kham: Trat Province

Ko Kham is a tiny island close to Ko Mak. Tourists staying on Ko Mak should not miss taking a boat trip to Ko Kham to relax, take photos, picnic and enjoy the atmosphere, before returning to their accommodation in the late afternoon.


A unique feature of Ko Kham is the sandbar that stretches out into the sea. There are also strangely-shaped volcanic rocks to be seen in the sand. The best time to visit the sandbar is during low tide.

  • Ko Kham is about 1 kilometre away from Ao Suan Yai Bay of Ko Mak, Trat Province.   

Ko Thalu: Prachuap Khiri Khan 

The impressive fissure in the cliffs caused by the action of waves and wind, and the folk tales about the place, make Ko Talu well-known among local people and beachgoers. It is also no secret that this small island, situated between central and southern Thailand, has one of the most complete coral reefs of any in Thai waters. 


Visitors can go diving at Ko Talu, with several snorkelling tours operating from Bang Saphan Noi District. If you want to experience the atmosphere of the island to the fullest, you can stay at Thalu Island Resort, the only accommodation on the island. You will have plenty of privacy, good food and lots of activities that will allow you to experience the nature of Ko Talu by day and at night.

  • Ko Talu is in ​​Bang Saphan Noi District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. Visit  www.taluisland.com

Ko Kra: Satun 

This tiny island is located 200 meters off the northeastern side of Ko Lipe. It is so close that you can even swim there. Most snorkelling tours will take you to dive at this small island because it has one of the most complete antler coral reefs in Thai seas. 


It should be noted that the antler coral reefs are in very shallow waters. At certain times of the day, the sea level may be so low that the corals emerge from the water, so be careful not to walk or step on them.

  • Ko Kra is one of the satellite islands around Ko Lipe, Satun Province.

Ko Kram Noi: Chonburi

Ko Kram Noi is taken cared of by the naval base in Sattahip and open for visitors under certain conditions concerning nature conservation.


This is a small island according to its name (Noi means small in Thai). There is a long sand dune across the south side of the island. Unfortunately, the Navy does not allow people to set foot on the island, but the turquoise colour of the sea and the coral reefs around the island are tempting enough to lure people to come and visit Ko Kram Noi.


The most popular way to get to Ko Kram Noi is by taking a yacht from Ocean Marina Pier in Pattaya. Contrary to popular belief, this is neither as expensive nor far-fetched as most people might think. You just need to find a number of friends who want to hire a suitable-sized boat. Or you may choose to contact a tour operator to join a boat trip with other visitors. 

Ko Kram Noi, Sattahip, Chonburi Province  

Ko Ngai: Trang

Ko Ngai is one of the most well-known islands in the Trang Sea. Even though it is not really such a tiny island, it is worth mention for its very special and private atmosphere, perhaps because there is so little accommodation available. This allows anyone who stays overnight on the island to experience a most special time. Offshore, the weirdly shaped limestone islands of the Trang Sea look captivating, and as the sun grows stronger so the seawater transforms into a fascinating colour. You can simply sit under the shade of coconut trees and enjoy it all.

  • Koh Ngai is off the coast of Trang.

Ko Racha Yai: Phuket

Among all the islands surrounding Phuket, Ko Racha Yai has some of the most beautiful clear water, probably because it is located rather far from the main island. It is, nevertheless, convenient to travel to Ko Racha Yai. There are several day trip tours offered, and if you choose to stay on the island, there is a range of options and prices to choose from, as well.

Of the many bays on the island, the most popular is Patok Bay with its concave shape and deep water making it look almost like a lagoon. In the daytime, there are many tourists and boats floating around, but for those who choose to stay on Koh Racha, late afternoon is a perfect, private time for you to chill out on this most beautiful island in Phuket.

  • Ko Racha Yai, Phuket Province


Icons made by Gregor Cresnar from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY